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After many, many decades  –  the schooner  RUTH  has finally returned to her home port of Old Mystic, Conn  
she has weathered the ages rather well and will now get some
long overdue tender loving care and attention by the  I C R C  staff
Come in soon to inspect this magnificent vessel in person


The Eldredge Museum no longer exists although some of his curios have survived

This is the  RIVERVIEW  from the museum and also was the name of the Eldredge estate

Here you are looking up the Mystic River circa 1900
On the left is Charles Q Eldredge’s dock and boats
Left to Right are the Enoch Burrows mansion, the old stone bank (moved to the Seaport 1948)
the Mystic Woolen mill, various homes and on the right is the former Leeds shipyard
In the distance is the almost barren top of Quoketaug Hill



   ?   Can anyone help identify the location of this gigantic upright erratic boulder  ?

This unidentified image was found with others from the Mystic area, probably on the Stonington side but not sure. This giant boulder was approximately 25 feet tall and at least 15 feet wide The large tree might not still exist however the stone wall could ?  The road likely still exists but would be paved and twice as wide – which may have necessitated the removal of the massive boulder ?   Any information, clues or suggestions might help to solve this mystery and another photo from a different angle would be great.  Please contact us with your information



1 2 8  Years  Ago  –  Just  prior  to  the  Election  of  1 8 8 8

This  sensational  &  comical  broadside  appeared  around  town

for  an  arousing  event  that  was  .  .  .  .  .  not  to  be  missed

that  is  –  providing  you  brought  your  chewing  gum  ! ! !

This was not a ruse or a joke, as Belva Lockwood was a very real and serious person

A pioneer lawyer, politician, peace activist, writer and suffragist according to her

Wikipedia Biography.  Somehow, I imagine that the  Impassioned Yawps  of the

Long Tongued Orator  –  Miss Hannah Lee , might have been the real highlight

of the evening  –  that is unless you are really into triumphal parades

That  Are  Just  Too  Lovely  For  Anything

Oh ,  IF  we  could  only  turn  back  the  hands  of  time



IF anyone can find any information about  Miss Hannah Lee  Please let us know



OM Fire Truck

In 1941,  this was the Old Mystic Fire Department’s newest piece of equipment

but previously it was a Cottrell lumber truck before being converted by Albert Welles


Evas Map
This map was hand drawn by Eva Lutz Butler based upon her extensive local research

Come in to our new gallery and view an interesting selection of maps from our collection

1867 map

To celebrate our Golden Anniversary – 50 years of making the past present
we created a photo exhibit titled  Commonalities

Initially displayed at the Mystic & Noank Library in the fall of 2015
and subsequently at the newly created  I C R C  Gallery

For those of you that can not visit us locally we proudly present them here online

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Library 9


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