Groton, CT Tax List 1775

Images of the Groton Connecticut tax list for the year 1775. The American Colonies were at war with Great Britain, and every citizen was called upon to help the cause. These tax lists include a list of men who enlisted into the Colonial Army. Other individuals are listed with military/militia ranks. Names are transcribed exactly as they appear on the tax lists.

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Tax List Page 1
Col. Ebenezer Avery, Park Avery, David Avery Esq., Simeon Avery, William Avery 2nd, Elijah Avery, Benjamin Avery, Park Avery Jr., Jasper Avery, Denison Avery, Aaron Avery, Latham Avery, Elisha Avery, Daniel Avery, Richard Avery, Ebenezer Avery 3rd, Nathaniel Adams, Nathaniel Adams Jr., Elijah Adams, Joseph Adams, Jonas Belton, Benjamin Brown, Jesse Brown, Joseph Bell, John Barber, John Baley,  Jonathan Baley, Ezekiel Baley, Elisha Brown

Tax List Page 2
Luke Perkins 3rd, Amos Prentice, Elisha Pryor, Obadiah Perkins, Thomas Park Jr.,William Pattin, Charles Randall, Stephen Rust, Nathan Smith Esq.,. Jabez Smith, Nathan Smith Jr., Gilbert Smith, Jabez Smith 2nd, Vine Starr, William Starr,Thomas Starr, James Starr, Nicholas Starr, James Street, William Williams, John Williams Jr., John Williams 3rd, John Woodmansee, Joseph Woodmansee, Henry Woodbridge, Nathan Forsithe, Nathan Worden, Peter Gates

Tax List Page 3
EdwardLatham, Youngs Ledyard, Ebenezer Ledyard, William Ledyard, William Leeds, Cary Leeds, David Latham, Daniel Latham 2nd, Christopher Latham, Jonathan Leeds, Samuel Lester, Thomas Lester, James Lamb, Abigail Lester, David Lester, Elemuel Lester, Benajah Lester, Thomas Mumford, James Morgan, Solomon Morgan, John Morgan, Youngs Morgan, Nathan Morgan, Joseph Moxley, James Mills, Edward Mills, Robart Newton, Luke Perkins, Elnathan Perkins

Tax List Page 4
Joseph Bentley, Benjamin Bill, Christopher Bill, Walter Buddington, Walter Buddington Jr., Jonathan Baley Jr., Joseph Baley, Jonathan Chester, Thomas Chester, Thomas Chester Jr., Benajah Chester, Samuel Chipman, David Culver Jr., Charles Crumb, Christopher Chipman, Nathan Daboll Jr., Charles Eldredge Jr., Edward Jeffers, Michael Jeffers’ Widow, Joseph Gallup, John Gardiner, Jasper Latham, Jonathan Latham, William Latham, James Latham, Giles Latham

Tax List Page 5
William Avery Esq., Jeams Avery, Christopher Avery, Lieut. Samuel Allyn, Christopher Avery Jr.JohnAvery3rd, Bartholomew Arthur, JohnAvery, John Anew, Richard Arthor, Nathan Avery, Nathan Allyn, Rufus Allyn, David Adams, Christopher Allyn, Robert Allyn, Simeon Allyn, Joseph Allyn, Jeams Adams, Thomas Allyn, Trial Allyn, Thomasn Allyn 2nd, Obadiah Baley, Obadiah Baley Jr., Elijah Baley, Samuel Baker, Phineas Bill Jr., Simeon Baley, David Chapman, Peter Culver Jr., William Crouch, Amos Culver Jr., Levi Chapman, Richard Daton, John Elderkin, Bildad Edwards, Joshua Elderkin, John Gates, Rufus Hurlbut, Mary Hurlbut, Samuel Hill, John Jones, John Kanady, David Kanady, Peter Lester, Peter Lester Jr., John Lester, Nathan Lester, Amos Lester, Joseph Lewis, Jonathan Latham, Joseph Malison, Samuel Malison, Prudence Morgan, Mark Newton, Anna Newton, Elihue Newberry

Tax List Page 6
Simeon Avery, Park Avery, Elihue Avery, Joseph Bentley, Nicols Chester, Joseph Gallup, William Latham, James Star Jr., Nathan Worden, Daniel Brown, Singleton Latham, Jesse Star, Elisha Perkins, Nathaniel Park, Elisha Avery, Ebenezer Gallup, Oliver Grant, Uriah Williams, Lieut. Samuel Williams, John Brown, Robert Park Jr., Capt. Spicer, Ebenezer Morgan, Samuel Stanton, Benjamin Gray, Henry Williams Jr., Nehemiah Gallup,Rufus Woldredge, William Morgan Jr., Phineus Fanning, Lieut. Isaac Gallup, Stephen Billing Jr., Isaac Wood , Jedediah Leeds Jr.

Tax List Page 7
Thomas Avery, Jonathan Eldredge, Jesse Fish, Edward Packer, Eldredge Packer, James Colver, David Williams Jr., Solomon Williams, Waitstill Wells, Waitstill Wells Jr., Timothy Harinton, Nathan Burrows, Josiah Morress, Edmon Fish, Robert Dunbar, Hugh Mathews, James Boles, Peleg Rose, Mark Stodard,  John Spicer, Luther Whipple, Waitstill Avery, David Park, Luther Geer, Joseph Chapman Jr., Thomas Bellows, Ebenezer Brown Jr., Jacob Williams, Amos Park, Solomon Avery, Peter Williams, Eliazer Pitman Andrus,  James Baly, Asa Perkins, Capt. Jonathan Fish, Capt. P. Stodard, Capt. Thomas Fanning, Jesse Yerrinton

Tax List Page 8
Capt. Solomon Perkins, Solomon Perkins Jr., Mary Perkins, Ebenezer Perkins, Asa Perkins, David Pelton, Jonathan Philips, Archibold Robinson, Daniel Ruff, Nathaniel Roach, Joseph Star, Wait Stoddard, Ralph Stoddard, Vine Stoddard, Ralph Stoddard Jr., Gidion Sanders, Richard Smith, Samuel Smith, John Sholes, Abel Sholes, Huntington Sholes, Samuel Smith Jr., Joseph Sholes, Levi Sholes, Richard Smith Jr., Jabesh Sholes, Asa Spink, Jeames Smith, Boradel Turner, Ezekiel Turner, Amos Turner, John Williams, Philip Williams, Peleg Williams, Amos Williams, Worth Williams, Mortomore Stoddard, John Phillips, Capt. John Morgan, Samuel Widger, John Widger,  Phinehas Bill, James Etheridge, Jeremiah Smith, John Perkins, James Bailey, James Comstock, James Campbell, Mark Newton

Tax List Page 9
Peter Avery, John Avery 2nd, John Ayer, James Ashby, Edward Ashby, Thomas Avery, John Archecraft, Solomon Avery, Hubbard Burrows, Hubbard Burrows Jr., John Burrows, Nathan Burrows, Daniel Burrows, Jonathan Burrows, William Burrows, Nathan Burrows 2nd, Joshua Borrows, Jonathan Bolles, George Bebee, Henry Brightman, Joseph Culver, Joseph Culver Jr., Nathan Culver, Moses Culver, Peter Crary,  Humphrey Crary, Nathan Crary, Samuel Clark, Aaron Clark, Samuel Burrows Jr., Elisha Baker,  Charles Eldredge, Daniel Eldredge, Samuel Edgecomb, Joseph Elliot, Thomas Fish, Thomas Fish Jr.,  John Fish, John Fish Jr., Nathan Fish 2nd, James Fish, Jonathan Fish, Nathan Fish, Nathan Fish 3rd,  Samuel Fish, Paul Burrows, Phillip Covel, Timothy Morgan Jr., Caleb Williams, John Latham,  Joseph Latham 4th, Zebadiah Gates

Tax List Page 10

Samuel Lamb, Nathan Packer, Elijah Rathbun, Joseph Park, Thomas Gardner, William Steward, Charles Smith, Sylvester Wallswoth, John Mayner, Paul Woodbridge, Samuel Gallup, Joseph Packer, Thomas Park, Nathaniel Park, Oliver Wells, Joseph Park Jr., Isaac Whightman, Paul Woodbridge Jr., Nehemiah Smith, Simeon Smith, Elisha Packer, David Palmer, Isaac Smith, Caleb Haley, John Daboll Jr., Nathan Sholes, Allen Wightman, William Smith 2nd, Timothy Lamb Jr., Caleb Lamb, Jacob Lamb, Nathan Niles,  Abiel Lamb, Thomas Northrup Niles, Jonathan Randal, Samuel Sabin, Uriah Wilbur, Josephus Fitch,  William Latham, William Smith, Daniel Stark 2nd, Joseph Stark, Nathan Stark, Wait Wells, Daniel Stark,  William Smith 3rd, Esther Morgan, Nathaniel Niles, Vine Haynes, Daniel Lamb, Hosea Wheeler, Elisha Niles

Tax List Page 11
Daniel Packer, Daniel Packer 2nd, Joseph Woodbridge, Jeremiah Haley, Renold Hooper, Richard Bennet Jr., William Middleton, John Packer, Stephen Avery, Jasper Latham, Andrew Lamb, Thankfull Packer, Capt. George Denison, Capt. Nathaniel Gallup, Nehemiah Williams

Tax List Page 12
Thomas Avery, Jonathan Eldredge, Jesse Fish, Edward  Packer, Eldredge Packer, James Culver, David Williams Jr., Solomon Williams, Simeon Williams, Wait Wells, Wait Wells Jr., Benjamin Stanton, Nathan  Darrow, James Bolles Peter Brown Jr., Gamelial Reynolds, Issac Herrington, Timothy Herrington, Nathan  Burrows, Josiah Morris, Edmund Fish, Robert Dunbar, Hugh Mathews, Mathew Melony, Charles Smith, John Fish, James Fish, James Ashby, Capt. Daniel Packer, Elijah Rathbun, Josephus Fitch, Josiah Morris, James Culver

Tax List Page 13
Joseph Gallup, Ralph Stoddard, Thomas Fanning, Jonathan Fish, John Morgan, Capt. William Morgan, Joseph Ayer, David Fanning, Samuel Baker, Elisha Williams, Jabez Smith, Samuel Edgecom, Benajah Chester, Thomas Lester, John Williams Jr., Christopher Bill, Benjamin Bill, Ebenezer Ledyard, William Ledyard, Parke Avery, Mortemore Stodard, Amos Lester, James Comstock, James Cambel, Mark Newton, Peleg Rose, Capt. Asa Avery, James Stodard, John Williams, Cary Latham,  John Spicer, James Park, Simeon Smith, Capt. John Fish, James Fish, James Ashba,  Capt. Daniel Packer Jr., Elijah Rathbon, Josefos Fitch, Josiah Morris, James Colver, Thomas Mumford Esq.

Tax List Page 14
William Williams Esq., John Stedman, Elisha Williams, Capt. Henry Williams, Joseph Stanton, Christopher Newton Jr., John Hiks, Daniel Baker, Amos Stanton, Christopher Newton, Abel Newton, Manasseh Short, Robert Dixson, Prudence Stanton, Jonas Avery, Jonathan Fanning, Thomas P. Gallup, James Allyn, James Allyn Jr., Shapley Morgan, Amos Allyn, Christopher Morgan, Samuel Williams 2nd, Aaron Bennet, Jonathan Hillard, Phineus Holdredge, David Fanning, Noah Baly, Thaddeus Baly, Benadam Gallup Esq. Lieut. Nathan Gallup, Jesse Gallup, Asa Button, Ezekiel Brown, Asher Brown, Philip Gray Jr., Ambrous Fish, Joseph Ayer, Comfort Brown, John Perkins, Comfort Brown Jr., Gershom Brown, Jedediah Morgan, Abijah Morgan, Ephraim Allyn, Zebedee Tyler, Ezra Barns, Stephen Park, Timothy Park, Samuel Stanton 3rd, Joshua Grant, Joshua Grant Jr., Easter Barns, Pathuel Baly, Bennajah Paker, David Brown, Samuel Williams 4th, Richard Williams

Tax List Page 15
Capt.John Morgan, Ens. Stephen Billing,  Henry Gallup, Agrippa Newton, George Fanning, Timothy Morgan, Joseph Lee, James Brown, Jesse Barns, Thomas Morgan, Benadam Gallup Jr., Isaac Williams, Henry Morgan, Jedediah Baly, Dr. John Hurlbut, Jedediah Leeds,  Jabez Watterhouse, Timothy Watterhouse, Samuel Newton, Isaac Morgan, Thomas Power,  John Power, William Fanning, Elizabeth Button,  Elijah Button, Nathaniel Brown, William Brown, Oliver Grant, Joseph Williams, Lieut. Samuel Williams 3rd Robert Park Jr., Jonah Smith, Capt. Abel Spicer, Samuel Stanton 2nd, William Hayes,  Benjamin Gray, Henry Williams Jr., Sarah Morgan,  Nehemiah Gallup, Rufus Holdredge, William Morgan Jr., PhineusFanning, Lieut. Isaac Gallup, Stephen Billing,  Jr., Isaah Wood, Elihue Champlin

Tax List Page 16
Robert Gear, William Morgan, Leut. Thophilus Avery, Capt. Acey Avery, Capt. Thomas Fanning, John Williams, Joseph Latham, Gorg Gear, Bennajah Holdredg, Constant Eddy, Devotion Eddy, Cyrus Spicer, Leut. Oliver Spicer, Jonathan Giddan, Cary Latham, Joseph Whippell, Hezekiah Parke, Richard Gear, Elijah Brown, Jacob Parke, Thomas Gile, Bennajah Avery, Accy Park, Anna Brown, Capt. John Avery, Luther Whipple, James Wordin, Humphry Avery, Robert Rose, Samuell Capron, Samuell Androus

Tax List Page 17
John Bellows, Amos Geer, Robert  Rose Jr., James Babcock, Ebenezer Brown, Jack Avery, Giles Capron, Ithamor Bellows, Daniel Robin, James Stoddard, Benjamin Gear, Isack Geer, Nathaniel Stanton, Jack Avery, Amos Avery, James Wordin, Samuel Whippell, Joshua Chapman, Isaiah Whippell, Robert Geer 2nd, Caleb Chapman, Abijah Park, Thomas Pelton, James Avery, Thomas Gates, John Wheeler Geer, James Gere, Edward Spicer, Robert Stodort, Jack Stanton

Tax List Page 18
Jacob Avery, Rubin Pelton, Stephen Hurlbut, Philip Gray, Elijah Gray, Joseph Rose, John Park, Elijah Denison, Thomas Williams, Jonathan Brewster, Simeon Capron, Job Tiler, Jack Chapman, Amos Chapman, Joseph Chapman, Aron Sholes, Ichobod Stoddard, Mark Stoddard

Tax List Page 19
John Williams, Cary Lathrop, Jonathan Smith

Tax List Page 20
Ebenezer Morton, Thomas Baly, Thomas Baly Jr., Joshua Wood, Christopher Allyn, Obadiah Baly, Moses Stoder, Thomas Denison, Joseph Malison Jr., Nathan Newbrey, Benaiah Davis, John Widger, Hezekiah Stoder, Joseph Floid, John Perkins, Joseph Morgan, Richard Smith, Thomas Stoder, Ralph Stoder, John Jameson, John Hurlbut, Ralph Stoder Jr., James Baly Jr., James Smith, William Steal, Joseph Maloson, Joseph Heath, Samuel Hutson, John Sholes, John Williams Jr., Elnathan Perkins, Andrew Davis Jr., Luke Perkins, Nathaniel Williams, Nathan Allyn, Jonathan Chapman, William Smith, Jonathan Smith Jr., Samuell Smith, John Sholes Jr., Efram Smith

Tax List Page 21

Tax List Page 22
Joseph Gardner, Walter Buddington, Ebenezer Allyn, James Balley Sr., Ebenezer Avery Jr., Benjamin Brown, Jonas Bolton, John Ledyard, Jonathan Lester, Deacon John Seabury, Jeremiah Smith, Elizabeth Smith, Elizabeth Dibol, John Dibol, Ens. John Smith, Ens. Jasper Latham, Joseph Baley Jr., Capt. William Morgan, Josiah Haynes, Joseph Baley Sr., Thomas Dunbar, Gilberd Foreser, Ephraim Smith Jr., Daniel Smith, Joseph Barttely, John Leed, William Leed Jr., Thomas Latham Jr., Samuell Cook, Thomas Dill, Jonathan Marvel, Sarj. Samuell Lester Sr., James Foreser Sr., William Leed, Dudley Woodbridge, Capt. Jonathan Starr, Joseph Starr,Widdow Androus, William Wood, John Wood, Peleg Goodard, Vine Starr, John Baley, John Woodman Sr., Joseph Latham

Tax List Page 23
Joseph Latham 2nd, James Street, John Lynn, Thomas Latham, John Mills, John Jeffery, John Avery Jr., Capt. Ebenezer Avery, Park Avery, Serj. John Avery, Obadiah Phillips, Benjamin Bill, Jedediah Baley, Asea Woodworth, Ichabod Powers, John Cunningham, Samuell Diboll, Nathaniel Adams, Jonathan Chester, Elisha Smith, Abraham Chester, James Starr, John Chester, James Avery Jr., Samuel Chapel, John Willett, Caleb Haynes, John Seabury Jr., James Morgan, James Morgan Jr., Hannah Woodbridge, Joseph Latham, Peter Williams, John Williams Jr., Capt. James Avery, Elihue Avery

Tax List Page 24
Col. Christopher Avery, Ens. Luke Perkins, John Hurlbut; Capt. Jesper Latham, Capt. Joseph Morgan, Robert Stoddar, Christopher Avery Jr., John Baley, Joseph Starr, Stephen Billings, Elnathan Perkins, Thomas Patten Jr., Christopher Latham, Richard Smith, Lemuel Darrow, Wait Stoddard, Jonathan Stoddard, Ebenezer Perkins, Solomon Perkins, Richard Williams 2nd, John Sholes, Nathaniel Adams, Elijah Bailey, Stephen Hurlbut, John Avery 3rd, Obediah Baley Jr., Samuel Smith, Jonathan Williams, Daniel Whipple Jr., Tryal Newberry, Elisha Malleson, Samuel Williams Jr., Roger Gale, John Widger, John Williams Jr., Ezekiel Turner Jr., Robert Stoddar Jr., Elijah Newton, Jedidiah Williams, John Heath, Phinehas Bill, John Baley Jr., James Perkins, John Allyn Jr., Hutchinson Sholes, David Chapman, Peter Brown, Cpt. Robert Allyn, Srg. Ebenezer Allyn, Ens. Samuel Allyn, Nathan Avery, Asa Avery, Srg. Ralph Stoddard, Ezekiel Turner, Obadiah Baley, William Chapman, Joseph Malleson, Daniel Rust, Jabez Spencer, Robert Allyn Jr., Jacob Avery, Elisha Smith, Joseph Mallison 2nd, Jonathan Smith, Benjamin Niles, Samuel Baker, Andrew Davis, Peter Culver, Joshua Chapman, Thomas Baley, Moses Stoddar, Elisabeth Smith, Daniel Packer, Elisha Mansell, Benajah Williams, Jedidiah Button, Amos Chapman, Jonathan Williams 2nd, Jonathan Lee, Samuel Allyn Jr., James Adams, Ebenezer Stark, James Stoddar, Thomas Dill, Christopher Allyn, Ezekiel Baley, John Maynard, Ephraim Smith, Samuel Hutson, Tabatha Widger, Simeon Pelton, Samuel Dibell

Tax List Page 25
Jeremiah Smith, John Dibell, John Coningham Jr., Jonathan Phillips, Nathan Barron, Jedediah Ashcraft, Jonas Belton, Thomas Baley Jr., Zebediah Scott, William Avery, Luke Perkins Jr., John Eagles, John Willis, Richard Williams, Nathan Dibell, Jesse Williams, Jesse Baley, Ebenezer Williams, Joseph Chapman, James Waley, Jonathan Rust, David Adams, Joseph Allyn, Demsley Stoddar, Thomas Williams, John Swaddel, Philip Williams, Gideon Leeds, John Widger, Jonah Cullver, Luke Perkins Jr, John Eagels, John Willis Sr.