Narr. Dawn Index D – E

Narragansett Dawn- An index of names that appear in this tribal publication from the mid 1930s. Edited by Princess Red Wing, Narragansett Dawn includes historical as well as day-to-day information about members of the Narragansett tribe. Names are listed alphabetically. Different spellings of names, the use of initials, and the use of native names should be taken into consideration when searching the index.  Names may appear in the index because the individual was an author of a report. Since Princess Red Wing was the editor, articles written by her are not indexed

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Daves, Nettie    2/3,p.51
Davis, Belle Michael    1/4,p.82
Davis, Benj. O. Col.     1/7,p.172
Davis, George     2/3,p.52
Davis, Henrietta J.    1/7,p.172
Davis, Julia     1/1,p.13-14; 1/3,p.19; 1/5,p.129
Davis, Julia Lewis     1/4,p.82
Davis, Nettie    2/1,p.15; 2/3,p.43; 2/4,p.74
Deake, Edward    1/9,p.212; 1/12,p.290
Dean, Ernest J.    1/9,p.222
Deaubois, Mary    1/4,p.82
Dedham, Eva (Princess Firefly)    1/6,p.140; 2/2,p.32; 2/2,p.34; 2/3,p.50; 2/4,p.70; 2/4,p.73; 2/5,p.3; 2/5,p.10
Deer Heart    1/6,p.146; 2/2,p.32; 2/3,p.38
DeMar, Clarence    1/1,p.29
Denison, Frederick Rev.    1/1,p.9
DePass, Albert    1/5,p.129; 1/6,p.149; 2/6,p.13
DePass, Virginia    1/5,p.127; 1/10,p.245; 2/5,p.10
Diamond, Durwood    2/3,p.60
Diamond, Elizabeth    2/3,p.60
Diamond, Everett    2/3,p.60
Diamond, Jerry    1/9,p.223
Diamond, Malcolm    1/5,p.128; 2/3,p.60
Dick, David    1/10,p.226
Dimock, E. B.    1/5,p.111
Dixon, George    1/11,p.264
Dixon, Nathaniel F.    1/10,p.236
Dobie, Ada    1/6,p.142
Dolby, James F.    1/12,p.292
Doran, Annie S. Rhodes    1/3,p.20
Dorgan, David A.    1/10,p.242; 2/2,p.30
Dormeff    1/6,p.152
Dorset, M. Mrs.    1/5,p.129
Dorset, Mrs.    2/6,p.13
Dortch, Charles Fayerweather    1/4,p.98
Dortch, Isabelle Smith    1/3,p.4
Dortch, Thomas    1/4,p.98
Dougherty, Edward F. Dr.    2/2,p.30
Dove, Ferris B.    1/3,p.5; 1/5,p.128; 1/9,p.216-7; 2/3,p.39; 2/6,p.13
Dove, Hope    2/3,p.48
Dove, King Philip    2/3,p.49; 2/3,p.56
Dove, Marjorie    1/9,p.217; 1/11,p.263; 1/11,p.268; 2/1,p.14
Dove, Marjory    1/3,p.5; 1/7,p.161; 1/10,p.242; 2/3,p.39; 2/3,p.47
Dove, Minnie    1/11,p.268; 1/12,p.276; 2/3,p.43; 2/3,p.47
Dove, Philip    1/3,p.5; 1/10,p.242; 2/3,p.39
Dove, Priscilla    2/3,p.46; 2/3,p.48
Dove, Ruth    2/3,p.48
Dove, Walter    1/5,p.128-9; 1/6,p.150; 2/5,p.10
Dove, Walter Mrs.    1/5,p.128
Dreyer, Henry Hank    1/11,p.259
Dunbar, Roberta    1/12,p.291
Durfee, Joe    1/10,p.236


Eastman, Elaine Goodale    2/2,p.25
Eaton, Hubert    1/1,p.6
Eaton, R. B.    2/5,p.7
Eland, R.    1/6,p.152
Eldred, John R.    2/1,p.8
Eleazer, Barbara Delores    1/1,p.18
Eleazer, Carol    1/3,p.5
Eleazer, Carroll N.    1/1,p.18
Eleazer, Reginald    1/3,p.5
Eleazer, Sarah    1/10,p.243
Ellis, Judith    2/5,p.7
Elouffe, J.    1/6,p.152
Epatien, Ralph C. Dr.    2/3,p.53
Epenow    1/7,p.156

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