Groton People


The following is a list of identified individuals from Groton, CT. that appear in several photographic print collections owned by the Indian & Colonial Research Center. The list includes the surname and forenames of the person (if known) and the collection and catalog number of the print. Searches of this list should take into consideration maiden and married names of women, alternate spellings of names, and the use of initials or nicknames by individuals. Request information on primary surnames of interest by contacting the ICRC by email or telephone.

Aiken, Mr.                                              Coates-464
Allyn, Elisha                                          Briggs-245
Allyn, Elisha                                          Briggs-246
Allyn, Maria                                           Briggs-245
Allyn, Maria                                           Briggs-246
Andrews, Lura                                           Misc.-80
Avery, Roland                                        Deneke-46
Barlin, Adelaide                                   Coates-465
Barlin, Adelaide                                   Coates-466
Barlin, Adelaide                                   Coates-467
Barlin, E.E. Mrs.                                    Coates-465
Barlin, E.E. Mrs.                                    Coates-466
Bateman, Arlene                                   Coates-243
Bateman, Arlene                                   Coates-267
Bateman, Arlene                                   Coates-303
Bateman, Arlene                                   Coates-304
Bateman, L.W.                                       Coates-268
Bateman, L.W.                                       Coates-269
Bateman, L.W.                                       Coates-305
Bateman, Mr.                                         Coates-243
Beebe, Nellie                                             Coates-14
Beebe, William H.                                   Coates-60
Beebe, William H.                                Coates-61A
Beebe, William H.                                Coates-61B
Beebe, William H.                                Coates-61C
Beebe, William H.                                Coates-61D
Beebe, William H.                                Coates-61E
Beebe, William H.                                 Coates-61F
Beebe, William H.                                   Coates-72
Berth, Leonard                                      Coates-456
Berth, Leonard                                      Coates-457
Blenker, Miss                                         Coates-298
Breaker, W.D. Mrs.                               Coates-461
Brightman, Charles                              Deneke-15
Bucklyn, F. A. Dr.                                    Coates-10
Burbine, G.                                          Williams116
Burrows, Mrs. Seth                               Briggs-238
Burrows, Seth                                         Briggs-237
Campo, Charles                               Williams-116
Chesbro, Eliza                                     Williams-17
Chesbro, Henry                                  Williams-02
Chesbro, Henry                                  Williams-17
Chester, Hubbard C.                                 Misc.-86
Coast, Don                                              Coates-482
Coates, F. G.                                           Coates-252
Coates, F.A.                                               Coates-98
Coates, F.A.                                            Coates-174
Coates, Frank                                        Coates-62A
Coates, Frank                                        Coates-62B
Coates, Julia Beebe                               Coates-443
Coates, Julia Beebe                               Coates-444
Coates, Mary E.                                     Coates-217
Coates, Mary                                         Coates-62A
Coates, Mary                                         Coates-62B
Coates, Miss                                          Coates-298
Colby, Amos F. Mrs.                            Coates-451
Davis, Harry                                      Goodman-08
Davis, Harry                                      Goodman-76
Davis, Harry                                      Goodman-83
Davis, Harry                                      Goodman-84
Davis, Harry                                      Goodman-95
Davis, Jenny Stephenson                 Williams-16
DeGraw, Caroline Reives                Williams-11
DeGraw, Carrie                                  Williams-01
DeGraw, Carrie                                  Williams-83
DeGraw, Gertrude                             Williams-01
Denison, Harry                                   Williams-02
Denison, Harry                                   Williams-17
Denison, Mable                                  Williams-17
Evans, W. H.                                          Coates-446
Fish, Alden                                            Coates-79A
Fish, Alden                                            Coates-79B
Fish, Charles                                          Coates-288
Fish, Emeline                                         Coates-276
Fish, Harriet                                           Coates-286
Fish, Harriet                                       Coates-286A
Fish, Harriet                                           Coates-287
Fish, Hattie                                             Coates-296
Fish, Helen C.                                        Coates-275
Fish, Helen                                             Coates-276
Fish, Helen                                             Coates-282
Fish, Helen                                             Coates-283
Fish, Helen                                             Coates-284
Fish, Helen                                             Coates-285
Fish, Miss                                               Coates-298
Fish, Nellie                                               Coates-82
Fish, S. G.                                                Coates-293
Fish, Sands Alden                                Coates-295
Fish, Sands                                               Coates-12
Fish, Sands                                         Coates-238A
Fish, Sands                                         Coates-238B
Fish, Sands                                             Coates-296
Fish, Sands                                             Coates-297
Fish, Simeon G.                                    Coates-59A
Fish, Simeon G.                                     Coates-59B
Fish, Simeon G.                                    Coates-59C
Fish, Simeon G.                                    Coates-59D
Fish, Simeon G.                                     Coates-59E
Fish, Simeon G.                                     Coates-59F
Fish, Simeon                                       Coates-278A
Fish, Simeon                                       Coates-278B
Fish, Simeon                                          Coates-279
Fish, Simeon                                          Coates-280
Fish, Simeon                                          Coates-281
Fish, Simeon                                          Coates-323
Fish, Simeon                                          Coates-327
Fish, Warren B.                                     Coates-294
Fish, Warren B.                                     Coates-108
Fish, Warren B.                                        Coates-11
Fish, Warren B.                                        Coates-12
Fish, Warren B.                                     Coates-289
Fish, Warren B.                                     Coates-290
Fish, Warren B.                                     Coates-291
Fish, Warren B.                                     Coates-292
Fish, Warren                                          Coates-297
Fish, Warren                                            Coates-82
Fish, William                                         Coates-277
Gates Laura                                           Coates-136
Gates, George                                        Coates-143
Gates, George                                        Coates-150
Gates, Laura                                          Coates-147
Gates, Laura                                          Coates-150
Gilbert, Fred                                      Williams-112
Goodman, Mary Virginia             Goodman-1A
Haley, family                                         Coates-324
Haley, Juliet                                           Coates-302
Haley, Juliet                                              Coates-71
Harris, Moosup                                     Deneke-14
Heath, Bessie                                         Coates-450
Heath, Charles R.                                 Coates-137
Heath, Hattie (and children)            Coates-459
Heath, Hattie                                         Coates-450
Heath, Raymond B.                             Coates-294
Lieberman, Judd                              Williams-116
Marchand, Bob                                Williams-116
Marchand, Len                                Williams-116
Montgomery, Evelyn Delight             Misc.-56A
Morgan, Christopher Mrs.                 Coates-253
Morgan, Christopher Mrs.                 Coates-255
Morgan, Christopher Mrs.             Coates-256A
Morgan, Christopher Mrs.              Coates-256B
Morgan, Christopher Mrs.                 Coates-257
Morgan, Christopher Mrs.                 Coates-258
Morgan, Christopher Mrs                  Coates-259
Morgan, Christopher Mrs.                 Coates-260
Morgan, Christopher Mrs.                 Coates-261
Morgan, Christopher Mrs.                 Coates-262
Morgan, Christopher Mrs.                 Coates-263
Morgan, Christopher Mrs.                 Coates-264
Morgan, Christopher Mrs.                 Coates-265
Morgan, Christopher                             Coates-09
Morgan, Ethel                                        Coates-470
Morgan, Mr.                                           Coates-338
Morgan, Mrs.                                         Coates-273
Morgan, Mrs.                                         Coates-274
Noyes, Gertrude Chapman                Deneke-13
Noyes, Lydia                                         Coates-453
Noyes, Lydia                                         Coates-454
Noyes, Lydia                                         Coates-455
Packer, M.C.                                       Goodman-05
Pardee, Mrs. Rev.                                  Briggs-239
Pardee, Rev.                                            Briggs-240
Partridge, Miss                                      Coates-369
Partridge, Miss                                      Coates-370
Partridge, Miss                                      Coates-371
Partridge, Miss                                      Coates-372
Partridge, Miss                                      Coates-373
Partridge, Miss                                      Coates-374
Partridge, Miss                                      Coates-375
Partridge, Miss                                      Coates-376
Partridge, Miss                                      Coates-377
Pia, Joe                                                Williams-116
Reives, Alice Smiley                          Williams-01
Reives, Benjamin                                Williams-01
Reives, Benjamin                                Williams-11
Roach, Calvin                                        Briggs-236
Sawyer, Adelaide                             Goodman-20
Sawyer, Adelaide                             Goodman-21
Schoonover, Alpheus Mrs.              Williams-80
Switz, Al                                             Williams-116
Tedford, Sarah                                      Coates-319
Tedford, Sarah                                      Coates-320
Tedford, Sarah                                      Coates-321
Tedford, Sarah                                      Coates-322
Tedford, Sarah                                      Coates-447
Tedford, Sarah                                      Coates-448
Tedford, Sarah                                      Coates-449
Washington, George                         Williams-10
Wilber, Lucy Palmer                              Coates-01
Wilbur, Helen                                        Coates-286
Wilbur, Helen                                    Coates-286A
Wilbur, Helen                                        Coates-287
Wilbur, Lucy Palmer                           Coates-458
Wilcox, Edna                                         Coates-452
Wilcox, Helen                                       Coates-80A
Wilcox, Helen                                       Coates-80B
Wilcox, Marion                                     Coates-470
Wilcox, Marion                                    Coates-80A
Wilcox, Marion                                     Coates-80B
Williams, Anna                                  Williams-01
Williams, Anna                                  Williams-02
Williams, Anna                                  Williams-03
Williams, Anna                                  Williams-05
Williams, Anna                                  Williams-11
Williams, Anna                                  Williams-17
Williams, Bob                                   Williams-116
Williams, Ellen                                   Williams-03
Williams, Ellen                                   Williams-16
Williams, Ellen                                   Williams-25
Williams, Frank                                  Williams-03
Williams, Frank                                  Williams-04
Williams, Frank                               Williams-106
Williams, Frank                               Williams-107
Williams, Frank                               Williams-111
Williams, Frank                                  Williams-13
Williams, Frank                                  Williams-18
Williams, Frank                                  Williams-22
Williams, Frank                                  Williams-25
Williams, Frank                                  Williams-28
Williams, Frank                                  Williams-78
Williams, H.O.                                  Williams-115
Williams, Harold                               Williams-02
Williams, Harold                               Williams-03
Williams, Harold                               Williams-17
Williams, Harold                               Williams-83
Williams, Horace O.                       Williams-108
Williams, Horace O.                       Williams-109
Williams, Horace O.                       Williams-110
Williams, Horace O.                          Williams-25
Williams, Horace O.                          Williams-29
Williams, Horace                               Williams-01
Williams, Horace                               Williams-02
Williams, Horace                               Williams-03
Williams, Horace                               Williams-07
Williams, Horace                               Williams-16
Williams, Horace                               Williams-17
Williams, Horace                               Williams-18
Williams, Horace                               Williams-27
Williams, J. Harold                            Williams-01
Williams, J. Harold                            Williams-16
Williams, Ken                                   Williams-116
Williams, Kenneth                             Williams-82
Williams, Margaret                           Williams-01
Williams, Margaret                           Williams-06
Williams, Margaret                           Williams-11
Williams, Margaret                           Williams-76
Williams, Margaret                           Williams-83
Wittle, John                                        Williams-116