Ledyard Native American Deaths

Deaths of Natives from History of the Town of Ledyard, Connecticut (Avery) and State Overseers Records from 1740-1913.  Request information on primary surnames of interest by contacting the I C R C by email or telephone


Hannah Scadaub, age 22 (from gravestone)


May, child of Joshua George


Revolutionary Soldiers who died this year:

Daniel Charles

Jacob Cocheats

Isaac Comwas

Solomon Spiat

Zachery Meason

Thomas Cocheats

Charles Charley

Jacob George

Thomas Segon


May- Betsey Charles

October- child of Joshua George

Nov.- Thomas Cocheats


Jan.- Mary Zachery

Feb.- Senshemon

Mar.- Peter Cocheats

Daniel Cocheats

Apr.- Esther Cocheats

Child of Moses Senshemon

Sept.- Tamer

Dec.- Aaron Senshemon

Amy Cocog

Silas Pomeat


Mar.- child of Temperance Crank

Apr.- Moses Chunks

July- David Senshemon

Aug.- Abigail Senshemon

Simeon Charles

Sept.- Peg Chunks

Oct.- Elizabeth Daniels

1778 In the Army

John Tobey

Janer Charles


Moses George

Joshua George

J. Comway


Jan.- John Mason

May- Daniel Charles

Dec.- child of Colhorin Charles


July- son of Joshua Charles


Jan.- Ephraim Meson, drowned

Apr.- Temperance Charles

Nov.- child of Jeffery


Feb.- Robert Meson

Oct.- John Oakes


Apr.- John Cooper

July- Peter Senshemon


Apr.- Mercy Meson

—– Chunks

July- Elizabeth Wampey


July- child of — Mergan

Nov.- child of Joseph Sunshemon

Dec.- Anna Robins


Mar.- child of Amy Charles

May- Grace Adams


May- child of Jonas Senshemon

July- child of Job Tinker

Aug.- Job Tinker’s wife

Nov.- ——– Senshemon

Anna Adams

Peter Chunch


Jan.- Hannah Charles, age 60

Feb.- ——- Tucker

Apr.- Elizabeth Barney

—– Jeffry

Aug.- Widow Meson

Sept.- Aaron Senshemon


Jan.- George Toby

May- John Toby

Nov.- child of Hannah Wampey


Feb.- Anna Dick

Mar.- Tamer Meson

June- child of Senshemon

Sept.- Aaron Senshemon, son of Moses, age 1

Dec.- Abigail Wailey

Jacob Charles

Elizabeth ——-


Feb.- Mary Lewis

Hannah Cooper

Mar.- child of Josiah Squib

child of Anny Wampey

child of Moses Senshemon

Apr.- Daniel Cocheats

July- Olive Charles

Anna Enos

Oct.- John Charles


May- Dolly ——-

Aug.- Timothy Brosset


Oct.- Benjamin Charles

Dec.- Esther Cocheats


Jan.- Mary ——, age 42


Mar.- Jacob George

Apr.- Sarah Charles

Aug.- Peggy



Oct.- Hannah Bampin


Aug.- Anna Wampin


Aug.- Susannah Reed (from Rhode Island)

1822 (from overseers record)

Lucy Ashbow for funeral

Lydia Hendricks coffin

1824 (from overseers record)

May- coffin for sarah Mesen

Coffin fo Hannah George

1825 (from overseers record)

Coffin for Ben. George’s boy

1826 (from overseers record)

William George’s coffin

Apr. 14- digging grave for Joshua George

1831 (Eva Butler records)

Sept. 6- Ann Wampy, age 71.

1832 (from overseers record)

Oct. 10- grave clothes for Isaac Fagins

1833 (from overseers record)

Sept. 1- coffin for Margaret Gray’s child

Feb. 5- Ruth Pomham, “Old Ruth”, died age 100.(Eva Butler records)

1836 (from overseers record)

Feb. 18- digging grave for Anna Wampe

Grave for mary Ann Deshon’s child

1853-1854 (from overseers record)

Betsey Squib coffin and burial $10.50

James Squib coffin and burial $10.00

1859 (from overseers record)

Edwin Dick, coffin. To Stonington for corpse $2.50

Sept. 23- to bury E. Deshin

Sept. 28- N. Fagins, coffin and burial clothes

1862 (from overseers record)

Aug. 4- coffin for Peter George

1864 (from overseers record)

May 23- Esther Lawrence. Coffin and shroud & carrying child to grave.

1873 (from overseers record)

July- Thankful Charles died

1874 (from overseers record)

Feb. 28- to bury Caroline Wheeler

1875 (from overseers record)

Nov. 10- coffin for Peter’s child

Aug.- Jane Potter

1879 (Ledyard vital records)

Sept. 26- Amasa Lawrence, age 76

1895 (from Eva Butler records)

Nov. 11- Austin George

1897 (from Eva Butler records)

Mitchell Meech Newell, age 40

1898 (from Eva Butler records)

Oct. 1- Cyrus George, age 45

1913 (from Eva Butler records)

Aug. 25- Lyman Lawrence, age 78