Freemen’s Oath

William Williams was a prominent citizen and justice of the peace. These images are from the Williams Family
Collection. Williams administered the Freeman’s Oath that recognized a man as a citizen of the town. Once
the Revolutionary War began, Williams used his ledger to record the Oaths of Fidelity (loyalty to the
Colonial cause) that he administered. Many individuals named served in the Colonial armed forces. Some died
at the Battle of Fort Griswold in 1781. Names are transcribed exactly as they appear in the ledger.

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Page 2
Samuel Lester, Jr., Benjamin Giles, Benjamin Green, Jasper Latham Jr., Nathan Smith Jr., Asa Woodworth, Oliver Woodbridge, James Avery 3rd, Joseph Gallup, Samuel Williams, John Hurlbut, Jedadiah Leed, Nathan Gallup, JohnLatham, Elnathan Perkins, Thomas Chester, Samuel Fox, John Dixson, Richard Williams Jr., Samuel Baley, John Maynor, Soloman Perkins, James Parke, Samuel Wallworth, John Morgan Jr., William Gallupe, Robert Allyn Jr., Daniel Parkes, Simion Avery, Stephen Billing, Daniel Williams

Page 3
Joseph Packer, John Sholes, Gideon Saunders, Christopher Elliot, Nathanial Parkes, Ebenezer Newton, Nathaniel Woodworth, Benajah Chester, William Latham, Ebenezer Foot, Jonathan Baley, Joseph Morgan Jr., Devotion Edy, Joshua Morgan, John Wyllys, Christopher Latham, Silvester Walsworth, William Gardiner, Jonas Saturley, Nathan Forsey, Jonathan Fowler, Nathaniel Niles, Isaac Wightman, Obadiah Perkins, Thomas Tan, Joseph Bill, Philip Williams, Nathan Lester

Page 4
John Dixson, William Ledyard, William Latham, Youngs Ledyard, Elihue Avery, Elisha Prior, Christopher Bill,  Thomas Giles, Barton Dorrance, Thomas Chipman, John Wood, Elijah Button, Simeon Button, Nathan Crery, Allyn Whitman, Timothy Morgan, Samuel Lamb, Joseph Mallison, John Williams, Samuel Lamb, Elisha Niles, Selvestor Walworth, Benjamin Sherman, John Woodmansey, Samuel Lester, James Morgan, Samuel Chipman, Hubbard Burrow, Solomon Avery

Page 5
Isaac Chipman, Theophilus Avery, Barzilla Burrows, Daniel Stark, Vine Starr, Youngs Morgan, Jonathan Bolles, Thomas Allyn, Nathan Allyn, Marke Stoddar, James Avery, Parke Allyn, James Geer, Phinehas Bill, James Babkok, Nathan Lester, Devotion Edy, Ralph Stoddard Jr., Joseph Woodman Jr., Philip Gray, Tisdale Edy, Parke Avery, Samuel Newton, Thomas Prentice Gallup, John Gates, Simeon Allyn

Page 6
Solomon Morgan, Jasper  Latham, George Geer, Elisha Brown, Edward Spicer, John Barber, John Lester, William Morgan, Asa Button, John Gardiner, Abel Sholes, William Williams Jr., Charles Smith, Ebenezer Avery 3rd, Jonathan Latham, Thomas Giles, John Woodmanssey, Nicholas Starr, Jonathan Fish, Elnathan Perkins, David Palmer, Thomas Fanning, Robert Newson, Daniel Knowles, James Street, Eleazer Putnam Androus

Page 7
Nehemiah Smith, Peter Avery, William Morgan, Mark Newton, Obadiah Baley Jr., Robert Stoddard, Capt. Henry William,  Jabez Sholes, Jonathan Whipple, Joseph Whipple, Jonathan Latham Jr., Silas Spicer, Timothy Parke

Page 8
John Ledyard, Ebenezer Geer Esq., Ichabod Allyn, Joseph Latham 2nd, James Ashby, Thomas Baley Jr., Robert Parke, John Denison, John Stanton Jr., Daniel Lamb, Benjamin Bill, Silas Burrows, James Geer, Ephraim Smith, Isaac Lamb, Daniel Eldridge, Peter Crary Jr., Nathan Avery, Joseph Starr, Samuel Chaple, Thomas Chipman Jr., John Chipman, Jonas Belton, Benadam Gallup Jr., Henry Williams Jr., Obadiah Phillips, Jonathan Latham, Ebenezer Avery Jr., Abijah Morgan, Timothy Morgan, Jonathan Smith Jr., Charles Eldrige, John Fish, Asa Avery, John Faning

Page 9
Jonathan Fish, Theophilus Avery, William Morgan Jr., Oliver Spicer, Thomas Patton, Parke Allyn, Thomas Lester, Ralph Stodard, John Harlbut Jr., Thomas Prentice Gallup, James Perkins, Edward Spicer, Samuel Allyn Jr., William Williams 2nd, William Faning, Hezekiah Parke, James Stodard, Solomon Avery,  Ebenezer Ledyard, Comfort Brown, John Perkins,  Ebenezer Brown, Nehemiah Smith, Elisha Brown, Elijah Brown, Jacob Parke, Thomas Avery, Abel Spicer, Charles Avery

Page 10
Daniel Lamb Jr., Oliver Wells, Benjamin Bill, John Lester, David Ames, John Hicks, Moses Culver,Elijah Baley, Ezekiel Baley, Benjamin Baley, John Kanady, John Burrows Jr., Uriah Williams, John Baley Jr., Buthael Baley, Zebadiah Gates, Thomas Parke, Simeon Lester, David Lester

Page 11
Nathan Niles, Isaac Gallup

Page 12
Paul Woodbridge, Daniel Eldridge, Wait Wells, Phinius Bill, Girard Avery, Daniel Avery, John Morgan 3rd, Jonathan Lewis, Aaron Avery, Andrew Lamb, G.? Smith, John Williams 2nd, James Arrit, Ames Avery, John Fox, Z.? Baley, Caleb Lamb, Thomas Eldridge, Nathan Fish, Elijah Newton, James Fanning, John Gardner, Obadiah Baley, Samuel Darrow, John Dibble, Nathan Dibble, John Allen Jr., Jacob Lamb, Edward Ashby

Page 13
Fish, Avery

Page 14
Lieut. Maynor, Capt. Morgan, Ensign William Morgan, John Avery, Andrew Lester, Richard Williams Starr, Lieut. Ebenezer Avery, Samuel Newton, Capt. C. Avery, John Allyn, Thomas Baley, Joshua Bill, John Williams, Ensign James Parker,William Baley, Samuel Lester, Nathaniel Brown, Moses Fish, Samuel Morgan, Nicholas Street, Capt. James Avery, Robert Geer, Deacon Samuel Morgan, Deacon John Seabury, James Avery Jr., Ensign Phillip Bell, John Baley, Joseph Baley, Edward Avery, Jonathan Avery, Thomas Dumbar, Lieut. John Fanning, Robert Allyn, Jonathan Lester, John Burrows, John Burrows Jr., John Avery, Ralph Stodard, John Barnard, Peter Crary, Ensign Jonathan Smith, Samuel Packer, Robert Burrows, John Fox

Page 15
Jonathan William, John Avery 2nd, Charles Eldredge Jr., Hezekiah Monroe, John Downer, Zebediah Tyler, Syrus Spicer, Tamer Babcock, Thomas Allyn 2nd, James Allyn Jr., Christopher Bill, Peleg Williams, Benjamin Gray, Timothy Parke, Elisha Niles,Thomas Pelton, Mortimer Stodard, Samuel Lamb, Isaac Whitman, Edward Jeffery, Isaac Morgan

Page 16
William Leed, John Wells, Jonathan Charles, Silas Dean, Christopher Nulon, Parke Avery, Thomas Eldridge,William Smith, David Williams, Thomas Sison, John Lamb,Thomas Leed, Joseph Heath, James Starr,Thomas Starr, Eleisha Smith, Thomas Mumford Jr., Samuel Ally, William Williams Jr., Jabez Smith, Joseph Morgan, John Jeffery, Daniel Macholin, Benjamin Brown, Joshua Allyn, James Baley, John Woodmansee, Daniel Morgan, John Seabury Jr., Abial Sammon, John Wood Jr., Nathan Niles, Aron Fish,Thomas Wallsworth, Elijah Morgan, Samuel Burrows Jr., Limuel Burrows, Nathan Allyn, Samuel Morgan

Page 17
Asahel Lee, David Williams Jr., James Perkins, Samuel Allyn Jr,. William Faning, James Stodard, John Wallsworth, Peter Brown, Edward Spicer, William Williams 2nd, Hezekiah Parke, Samuel Stanton, John Avery, Ebenezer Allyn, Chris Newton Jr,. William Williams Jr., John Stedman, Amos Turner, Asa Button, Simeon Allyn, Amos Allyn, Timothy Allyn, Tryal Allyn, Chris Avery Jr., Rufus Allyn, Thomas Allyn, Nathan Allyn

Page 18
Christopher Gallup, Nathaniel Bellow, John Chester, Elisha Morgan, Peleg Williams, Jacob Morgan, Wait Stoddard, Peter Avery 2nd, Stephen Morgan, Caleb Avery, John O. Miner, Daniel Nickerson, Ebenezer Avery, Frederick Allyn,Thomas Allyn, Timothy Wightman Jr., Joseph Colver, Ichabod Stoddard, Isaac Chester, Walter Burdick, Josiah Gallup, Ralph Hurlbut

Page 19
Daniel Avery 2nd, Theophilus Morgan, Caleb Avery 2nd, Simeon Stoddard, David Eldridge, David Edgecomb, Rufus Smith, Elijah Newton, Isaac Crary, Nathan Chester, Gardiner Gallup Jr., John Avery 3rd, Elisha Arthur, Park Allyn Jr., David Allyn, James Stoddard Jr., Rufus Allyn, William Avery 2nd

Page 20
Abel Avery, Shapley Morgan, Josiah Clark, Ebenezer Avery, Richard Ger,e Roswell Burrows, Joshua Morgan, Jonas Avery, Richard Woodbridge, Joseph Fish, Jedediah Baley, Solomon Stark, Gideon Niles, Samuel Fish, Wait Jakways, William Smith, William Chadsey, Elisha Chester, John Baley, Seth Williams, Ebenezer Ledyard, Russel Avery, Youngs Avery

Page 21
William Latham, Ralph Williams, Silas Stoddard, Robert Latham, Ebenezer Morgan, Ephraim Allyn, Gilbert Smith, Elisha Packer, John Stanton, Amos Avery Niles, Ethel Steward, Arron Fish, William Eldridge, Thomas B. Gray, Jebadiah Gates, Gilbert Edgcomb, Amos Allyn, John Starr, Elisha Bailey, Ebenezer A. Packer, Jebadiah Morgan, Thomas Allyn, John Packer, James Smith,Nathan Daboll, James Eldridge

Page 22
Theophilus Avery Jr,, Ebenezer Avery 3rd , James Woodbridge, Samuel Wood, William Prentice, Joseph Park 2nd, Phinehas Bill Jr., Amos Hurlbut, Gurden Ledyard, Amos Spicer, Josiah Clark Jr., Ensign Gordon Gere, John Beard, Stephen Newton, David Park, Benadam Gallup 3rd

Page 23
Samuel Edgecomb, Henry Gallup, Stephen Hurlbut, Jacob Johnson, Timothy Morgan, Wait Stodard, Elijah Avery, Latham Avery, Thomas Northrop Niles, Amos Avery, Ithamer Bellows, Daniel Whipple Jr., Isaac Geer, James Avery Jr., David Avery, James Lamb, Elkanah Stodard, Shapley Morgan, Robert Rose, Ebenezer Avery Jr., Rufus Hurlbut

Page 24
Giles Capron, Thomas Parkes Jr., Joshua Elderkin, Selvester Worden, Samuel Lamb, Jonathan Baley, Elijah Baley, Thomas Allyn 3rd, Robert Lathan, Simeon Morgan, Joseph Baley 2nd, Asa Bellows, Stephen Newton, Silas Stoddard

Page 25
Simeon Smith, John Robinson, Edward Jeffery, Daniel Burrows, Samuel Niles, Ebenezer Packer, William A. Morgan, Edward Packer, Caleb Williams, Jabez Smith, William Smith, Elisha Packer, Joseph Chapman 2nd, Joseph Fish, Nehemiah Smith, Ebenezer Gallup, Ebenezer Avery 2nd, William Morgan, Thomas Mallison, Aaron Kenny, Starr Chester Jr., Simeon Avery, Samuel Smith Jr.

Page 26
Ensign John Stedmans, Walter Buddington, John Powers, Silas Burrows, Simeon Smith, Jabez Smith, William Smith, Elisha Packer, Joseph Chapman, Jeremiah Haley, Ebenezer Stark, Asa Lester, Joseph Morgan, Elisha Ayers

Page 27
William Williams Esq., Captain Joseph Morgan, Robert Geer Esq., Colonel Benadam Gallup Esq., Thomas Mumford Esq., Jesse Gallup, Nathan Morgan, Samuel Williams 2nd, Thomas Giles, Benjaman Gere, Ebenezer Ledyard Esq., Joseph Packe, Deacon Hurlbut, Thomas Fanning

Page 28
Captain Asa Avery, Ebenezer Avery, Christopher Newton, John Baley, Daniel Avery, Dr. Prentice, Joshua Grant, Joseph Bentley, Rufus Hurlbut, Ezekiel Turner, Colonel Nathan Gallup, Captain Ralph Stoddard, Ensign Thomas N.P. Niles, Jonathan Baley, Jesse Gallup, John Bellows

Page 29
John Williams 3rd., Ezekiel Baley, Captain Stephen Billing, Simeon Avery, Park Avery Jr., Charles Eldridge, Daniel Packer, Richard Starr, Samuel Androus, William Avery Esq., Thomas Pelton, John Avery 2nd. Shapley Morgan, Joseph Lee, Joseph Stanton, James Allyn 3rd.

Page 30
Cary Latham, Joseph Belton, David Avery Esq., John Elderkin, Joseph Starr, Thomas Lester, Captain John Morgan, Captain Oliver Spicer, Benajah Chester, Captain Joseph Gallup, Thomas Prentice Gallup, Christopher Avery, Captain Elijah Avery, Isaac Wightman, Wait Well, Isaac Stanton, Benjamin Bill

Page 31
David Fanning, Benadam Gallup Jr., Phineas Holdridge, Samuel Allyn, Amos Geer, Amos Allyn, James Avery 2nd, Isaac Avery, Christopher Morgan, Samuel Williams 4th, Thomas Chester, Captain Soloman Perkins, Jessee Brown, Samuel Edgcome, Captain Henry Williams, John Jones

Page 32
Solomon Perkins, Jonathan Latham, Simeon Capron, James Geer, Joseph Chapman, Nathan Fish, Thomas Fish, Hubbard Burrows, Isaac Chapman, Thomas Morgan, Timothy Morgan, Isaac Morgan, Edward Latham, Jonathan Randal, Phinehas Fanning, Caleb Lamb, Selvestor Walworth, Youngs Perkins, Nicholas Starr, John Perkins, Giles Capron, Jesse Barns, Walter Buddington Jr., William Starr, Thomas Starr, Benajah Lester, Parke Allyn, Obadiah Perkins, Obadiah Baley, John Morgan, Samuel Lester, James Starr, Thomas Latham Jr., Philip Gray Jr., George Gray, Cyrus Spicer, Solomon Avery, Isaac Geer, Ebenezer Brown, Jacob Parke, Joseph Gallup

Page 33
William Ledyard, John Hicks, Colonel Ebenezer Avery, Elihue Avery, Nathaniel Brown, Henry Woodbridge, Samuel Lester, Amos Stanton, Nathan Forsey, Hubbard Burrows Jr., Uriah Wilbour, Chris Bill, Abial Lamb, Robert  Geer Jr., Joseph Woodmasey, Elisha Niles, Thomas Allyn, Nathan Crery, Samuel Lamb, Richard Arthur, Nathaniel Niles, Jonathan Burrows, Philip Williams, Nathan Lester, Charles Eldridge Jr., John Woodmansey, Elnathan Perkins, Paul Woodbridge Jr., Samuell Eldridge, Youngs Morgan, Vine Starr, Thomas Avery, Jonathan Booles, Theophilus Avery, Charles Eldridge, Elijah Adams, Ezekiel Baley, Joseph Woodbridge, John Lester, Nathan Smith Jr., Charles Smith, Jonathan Fish, Thomas Pelton, Jesse Brown

Page 34
Simeon Allyn, John Spicer, William Morgan, Samuel Lester Jr., Jonathan Whipple, Joseph Whipple, Samuel Morgan, Jonathan Latham, Silas Spicer, Timothy Parke, William Williams Jr., Abel Newton, Elisha Perkins, James Baley, Benajah Avery, John Gates, John P. Babkok, Joseph Ball, Amos Turner, David Adams, Obadiah Baley Jr., Josiah Morris, Silas Lamb, David Geer, John Power, John  Daboll Jr.