Narr. Dawn Index N – O

Narragansett Dawn- An index of names that appear in this tribal publication from the mid 1930s. Edited by Princess Red Wing, Narragansett Dawn includes historical as well as day-to-day information about members of the Narragansett tribe. Names are listed alphabetically. Different spellings of names, the use of initials, and the use of native names should be taken into consideration when searching the index.  Names may appear in the index because the individual was an author of a report. Since Princess Red Wing was the editor, articles written by her are not indexed

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Nash, Barbara    2/5,p.10
Neesqutton    2/1,p.12; 2/6,p.14
Neeves, Laura    1/4,p.91
Neeves, Samuel Jr.    1/4,p.91
Neves, Bertha    1/11,p.263; 2/3,p.45; 2/3,p.47
Neves, Bertha Elizabeth Rhodes    1/3,p.4
Neves, Laura    1/3,p.20; 1/11,p.263; 2/1,p.15; 2/3,p.43; 2/3,p.45; 2/3,p.47; 2/3,p.51
Neves, Laura Emelia    1/3,p.4
Neves, Manuel Mrs.    1/11,p.269; 2/3,p.45
Neves, Maud    1/4,p.82; 1/11,p.267; 2/3,p.56
Neves, Samuel    1/11,p.269; 2/3,p.43; 2/3,p.45
Neves, Samuel Mrs.    1/11,p.263; 2/3,p.56
Neves, Samuel Rodman    1/3,p.4
Neves, Virginia    2/3,p.45
Newcombe, Amos    1/4,p.90; 1/5,p.129
Newton, A.    1/6,p.152
Nichols, Edith    1/7,p.171
Night Hawk    1/5,p.105
Niles, James    1/9,p.212; 1/10,p.226; 2/6,p.10
Niles, Maize    1/4,p.82
Niles, Sam    1/9,p.212; 2/6,p.10
Niles, Sam Jr.    2/6,p.10
Niles, Samuel    1/5,p.114; 1/12,p.289
Niles, Samuel Rev.    1/1,p.8
Niles, Simeon    2/6,p.10
Ninigret    1/1,p.28; 1/2,p.13; 1/7,p.158; 2/1,p.4; 2/5,p.4
Ninigret, Caroline    1/2,p.9
Ninigret, Charles    1/4,p.100; 1/12,p.288; 2/6,p.10
Ninigret, Charles Augustus    1/1,p.28; 1/6,p.140; 1/7,p.171
Ninigret, Esther    1/1,p.28
Ninigret, George    1/1,p.28; 2/6,p.10
Ninigret, Kate    2/6,p.10
Ninigret, Thomas    1/1,p.17
Ninigret, Thomas (King Tom)    1/1,p.28; 1/6,p.151
No Cake, Dencey    1/6,p.153
No Cake, Jeremiah    1/6,p.153
No Cake, Joshua    1/6,p.153
No Cake, Samuel    1/6,p.153
No-Ho-No (Harrison Vanderhoop)    1/7,p.156; 1/9,p.221; 1/10,p.241
Noka, Abby Perry    1/2,p.9
Noka, Alpheus    1/1,p.18; 1/4,p.82
Noka, Caroline    1/1,p.17
Noka, Caroline Harry    1/1,p.28; 1/2,p.9
Noka, Chris    2/3,p.43; 2/3,p.56; 2/5,p.4; 2/6,p.14
Noka, Christopher    1/1,p.17; 1/10,p.243; 2/1,p.14; 2/2,p.23; 2/3,p.52
Noka, Christopher E.    1/6,p.140
Noka, Christopher Ellsworth    1/1,p.28
Noka, Daniel    1/1,p.17
Noka, Daniel Rodman    1/1,p.28
Noka, Edwin Brown    1/2,p.9
Noka, Esther Rodman    1/1,p.28
Noka, Francis Glasford    1/2,p.9
Noka, Gideon    1/2,p.9; 1/11,p.264
Noka, Harrison Glasford    1/2,p.9
Noka, James    1/1,p.18
Noka, John    1/1,p.18; 1/1,p.28; 1/5,p.114; 1/11,p.264
Noka, John H.    1/1,p.17; 1/2,p.10
Noka, John Henery    1/1,p.28
Noka, Joshua    1/1,p.18
Noka, Martha Rodman    1/1,p.28
Noka, Mary    1/1,p.17
Noka, Mary Jane    1/1,p.28; 1/2,p.9
Noka, Mary Rodman    1/2,p.9
Noka, Moses    1/1,p.17
Noka, Moses V.    1/1,p.28
Noka, Paul    2/2,p.24
Noka, Paul K.    1/10,p.243
Noka, Peter    1/9,p.208
Noka, Rodman    1/4,p.82; 2/5,p.4
Noka, Sarah    1/1,p.17
Noka, Sarah Abby    1/1,p.28; 1/2,p.9
Nokay, Ben Dr.    1/4,p.80-81
Nokgeagg, John    1/1,p.19
Noly, Charity    1/6,p.153
Northam, Timothy Capt.    1/10,p.226
Noyes, Hope    1/3,p.5; 1/3,p.17; 1/4,p.91; 1/7,p.172
Noyes, Nathan    1/3,p.5
Noyes, Sally    1/4,p.91
Noyes, Sarah    1/3,p.5; 1/7,p.173; 2/3,p.43; 2/3,p.48; 2/3,p.50; 2/3,p.56
Noyes, Sarah L.    1/3,p.7
Nusbaum, Jesse L.    1/7,p.173


Oakley, Ellsworth (Chief Drifting Goose)    1/5,p.129
Occom, Samson    1/7,p.164-6; 1/9,p.208; 1/12,p.289; 2/6,p.12
Ockery, Hannah    1/6,p.153
Oetteking, Bruno    1/7,p.173
Ohitika (Rev. Ben Brave)    1/1,p.6; 1/6,p.140; 2/1,p.16; 2/2,p.32; 2/3,p.50; 2/3,p.52; 2/4,p.70; 2/4,p.75
Old Queen    2/6,p.10
Oneco    2/6,p.4
Onion, John    1/9,p.206
Onoin, John    1/4,p.100
Onsley, Ernest E. (Sachem Rainbow)    2/5,p.3
Onsley, William (Chief Rainbow)    1/4,p.91-2; 1/5,p.127; 1/7,p.171
Ousa-Mequin (Rev. LeRoy C. Perry./Yellow Feather/Chief Ousa Mequin)    1/1,p.9; 1/4,p.100; 1/5,p.114; 1/5,p.121; 1/5,p.124; 1/5,p.127; 1/5,p.129; 1/9,p.223; 1/10,p.241; 1/12,p.290; 2/3,p.46; 2/4,p.67; 2/4,p.67; 2/5,p.2; 2/5,p.11
Ousa Nequin    2/3,p.46
Ousamequin (Massasoitt)    1/6,p.133; 1/9,p.219; 1/11,p.257; 2/1,p.4
Owl’s Head (Theodore Brown)    1/1,p.21-22; 1/1,p.24; 1/4,p.91; 1/9,p.202; 1/10,p.246; 1/11,p.263; 1/11,p.270; 1/12,p.274; 1/12,p.276; 1/12,p.293; 2/1,p.6; 2/2,p.33; 2/3,p.43; 2/3,p.49; 2/3,p.52; 2/3,p.58; 2/3,p.56; 2/5,p.4; 2/5,p.10; 2/6,p.7; 2/6,p.10; 2/6,p.14

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