Narr. Dawn Index A – B

Narragansett Dawn- An index of names that appear in this tribal publication from the mid 1930s. Edited by Princess Red Wing, Narragansett Dawn includes historical as well as day-to-day information about members of the Narragansett tribe. Names are listed alphabetically. Different spellings of names, the use of initials, and the use of native names should be taken into consideration when searching the index.  Names may appear in the index because the individual was an author of a report. Since Princess Red Wing was the editor, articles written by her are not indexed


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Adams, F. P. (Chief Man-Ni-Sa-Wa)    1/7,p.157; 1/10,p.242
Adams, Fred P. (Chief Man-Ni-Sa-Wa)     1/7,p.157; 1/10,p.242; 2/3,p.49
Adams, Frederick    1/4,p.91
Adams, John    1/10,p.226
Adams, Simeon    1/10,p.226
Adams, Solomon    1/10,p.226
Alexander, H. B.    1/7,p.173
Alexander, Sachem    1/1,p.11
Algeo, Sara    2/1,p.15; 2/3,p.4.
Allen, Frank    1/11,p.268
Ammons, Gedeion    1/6,p.153
Ammons, George    1/3,p.8; 1/5,p.114
Ammons, Gideon    1/10,p.243
Amoret    1/7,p.156
Amos, Harold Dr.    2/6,p.13
Amos, W. Harold Dr.    1/6,p.149
Anderson, Ada    1/6,p.150
Anderson, Ada    2/3,p.45; 2/3,p.49; 2/6,p.14; 2/5,p.11
Anderson, Ada G.    1/4,p.92
Anderson, Charles    2/3,p.45; 2/3,p.48
Anderson, Kenneth    1/9,p.217
Anderson, Walter    2/1,p.13; 2/2,p.28
Anderson, Walter Mrs.    1/4,p.88
Annawon    1/1,p.10
Anthony, John    1/12,p.286
Arthur, Mr.    1/4,p.82
Ashbow, James    2/6,p.12
Ashbow, John    2/6,p.12
Ashbow, Samuel    1/12,p.290; 2/6,p.12
Ashbow, Samuel Jr.    2/6,p.12
Ashbow, Simeon    2/6,p.12
Ashobapow    2/6,p.12
Ashps, John    2/6,p.12
Assonquewitt    2/6,p.10
Atherton, Humphrey    1/3,p.11
Attaquin, Solomon M.    1/12,p.292


Babcock, Belle    1/4,p.82
Babcock, Caroline    2/3,p.46
Babcock, Charles    1/1,p.24; 1/2,p.10-11; 1/4,p.82; 1/6,p.150; 1/9,p.217;
1/10,p.244; 1/11,p.268; 1/11,p.270; 2/1,p.13; 2/3,p.49; 2/5,p.10
Babcock, Charles (Chief Warbeek)    1/5,p.129; 1/7,p.171-2; 1/10,p.231; 1/12,p.274; 1/12,p.291
Babcock, Charles Mrs.    1/4,p.88; 1/12,p.291; 2/1,p.13
Babcock, Charlie    2/3,p.48
Babcock, Evelyn    1/3,p.5
Babcock, Frances    2/3,p.56
Babcock, Francis    1/11,p.262
Babcock, Frank    1/4,p.81-82; 2/2,p.22; 2/2,p.28; 2/3,p.49
Babcock, George H.    2/1,p.13
Babcock, Gladys    1/1,p.21; 1/1,p.24; 1/3,p.19; 1/10,p.243; 1/11,p.268; 2/2,p.22; 2/3,p.47
Babcock, Gwendolyn    2/3,p.48
Babcock, Henry    1/4,p.82; 1/9,p.217; 2/3,p.47; 2/3,p.49
Babcock, Henry Jr.    2/3,p.46
Babcock, Ina    1/9,p.217
Babcock, Irma    2/3,p.46
Babcock, Isabel    1/10,p.231
Babcock, Joe B.    1/10,p.236
Babcock, Neta Hull    1/3,p.5
Babcock, Paul    1/4,p.82; 2/3,p.49; 2/3,p.52
Babcock, Paul Mrs.    2/3,p.56
Babcock, Pauline    1/11,p.262
Babcock, Ruth    1/3,p.17; 1/4,p.92; 1/6,p.150; 1/11,p.268; 1/11,p.270
Babcock, Ruth Watson    1/2,p.10
Babcock, Stella    1/2,p.8; 1/7,p.171; 1/10,p.244; 2/1,p.13; 2/3,p.56
Babcock, Stella Brown    1/4,p.81
Babcock, Stephen    1/12,p.289
Babcock, Thomas    1/4,p.82; 1/7,p.171
Babcock, Thomas A.    2/1,p.13
Baboza, Joseph    2/5,p.10
Baker, Isabelle Louise    2/5,p.7
Baldwin, Fred    2/3,p.61
Barber, Charles    2/5,p.7
Barber, Jonathan    2/6,p.12
Barbour, Clarence A. Dr.    1/10,p.242
Bardsley, M.    1/6,p.152
Barnett, Jackson    1/4,p.98
Barney, A.    1/6,p.152
Barrie, Sadie    1/4,p.91; 1/12,p.291
Batchelor, Pan (Emile Vass)    1/1,p.6
Batchelor, Peter (Bobby Jordan)    1/1,p.6
Beatty, Willard W.    2/2,p.32
Beaumont, Oliver    1/4,p.88
Becker, Bertha    1/12,p.274
Belain, Maysel    1/9,p.223
Belain, Priscilla    1/9,p.223
Bell, L. V.    2/5,p.7
Bell, Leroy    2/5,p.4; 2/6,p.11
Bennet, Hattie    1/4,p.82
Benson, Annie V.    1/9,p.203
Bent, Joseph    1/2,p.7
Bent, Prince    1/2,p.7
Berriam, Abraham    2/4,p.64
Beuzard, E. C.    1/7,p.160
Bicknell, Alfred    1/10,p.236
Bicknell, Thomas W.    1/3,p.2
Bidden, Arthur    2/1,p.15
Bissell, Horace Mrs.    1/7,p.171
Black Hawk, Chief (Powhatan)    1/1,p.7
Blastow, Edwin    1/6,p.141
Blossom, Frederick Dr.    2/1,p.14-15
Blossom, Mr.    1/5,p.109
Boas, Franz    1/7,p.173
Bodeman, P. O. Mrs.    1/12,p.275
Bolton, Herbert E.    1/7,p.173
Booker, Rosa    2/5,p.10
Booth, May    2/5,p.11
Boudinot, Frank J.    1/5,p.130
Bouley, Joseph O.    1/12,p.292
Bowler, Anilda C.    2/3,p.53
Boyles, James A.    1/10,p.238
Brainerd, John Rev.    1/9,p.209
Bratton, May    2/2,p.33
Brave, Ben Rev. (Ohitika)    1/1,p.6; 1/6,p.140; 2/1,p.16; 2/2,p.32; 2/3,p.50; 2/3,p.52; 2/4,p.70; 2/4,p.75
Brederson, C.    1/6,p.152
Brewster, D.    1/10,p.243
Brigham, Lucy M.    2/1,p.8
Briscoe, Joseph Grover    1/2,p.9
Bristow, Fred    1/4,p.88
Broncho John    1/9,p.207
Brothers, Charles Mrs.    2/6,p.13
Brothers, Mary    1/9,p.223
Brother-To-All    1/5,p.121; 1/6,p.137; 1/10,p.242; 1/12,p.288; 2/3,p.47-8; 2/3,p.57
Brown, A. Rev.    2/2,p.33
Brown, Alice A.    1/5,p.109
Brown, Alice Esther    1/5,p.128
Brown, Alice Nina    1/2,p.20
Brown, Betsy    2/5,p.8
Brown, Byron O.    1/2,p.20
Brown, Byron Otis    2/2,p.28; 2/2,p.30
Brown, Chauncy    1/2,p.10
Brown, Chester    1/2,p.10; 1/4,p.92; 2/3,p.52
Brown, Clifford    2/2,p.28; 2/3,p.57
Brown, Daniel    2/2,p.30; 2/2,p.33
Brown, Daniel F.    2/3,p.55
Brown, Daniel Franklin    1/2,p.20
Brown, Daniel Franklin Jr.    1/2,p.20
Brown, Doris    2/3,p.48; 2/3,p.50; 2/3,p.58
Brown, Earl    1/1,p.22
Brown, Edith Eams    1/2,p.9
Brown, Elex    1/1,p.29
Brown, Ellison M.  (Tarzan)    1/2,p.20; 1/1,p.22; 1/1,p.29-30; 1/3,p.15; 1/4,p.81; 1/4,p.88; 1/4,p.100; 1/6,p.152; 1/7,p.172; 1/11,p.258; 1/11,p.269; 1/12,p.276; 2/1,p.12-13; 2/1,p.16-17; 2/2,p.23; 2/2,p.25; 2/2,p.28; 2/2,p.30; 2/2,p.33; 2/3,p.38; 2/3,p.48; 2/3,p.55-58; 2/6,p.3; 2/6,p.9; 2/6,p.13
Brown, Ellison Meyers    2/2,p.30
Brown, Ellison Myer (Tarzan)    2/4,p.67
Brown, Esther    1/4,p.82; 1/6,p.150; 1/9,p.216; 1/10,p.243; 1/11,p.268; 2/3,p.48
Brown, Frank    1/4,p.82; 2/2,p.28; 2/3,p.56
Brown, Fred    1/4,p.82
Brown, Fred B.    1/1,p.9
Brown, Fred V.    1/1,p.8; 1/1,p.21; 1/2,p.13;1/2,p.19; 1/4,p.82; 1/4,p.86; 1/6,p.140; 1/7,p.163; 1/11,p.269; 2/1,p.10
Brown, Frederick Vinton    1/2,p.9
Brown, George    1/4,p.82; 1/11,p.269
Brown, Grace    2/3,p.55
Brown, Grace E. Babcock    1/2,p.20
Brown, Grace Ethel Babcock    1/2,p.20
Brown, Hannah Noka    1/2,p.9
Brown, Harry W.    1/5,p.124
Brown, Hazard    2/2,p.30
Brown, Henry    1/2,p.9
Brown, Janette    2/4,p.74
Brown, Josephine    1/11,p.268
Brown, Marion W. (Princess Minnetonka)    1/1,p.19; 1/1,p.24; 1/1,p.30; 1/2,p.21; 1/4,p.91; 1/5,p.127-128; 1/6,p.151; 1/7,p.170-1; 1/9,p.202; 1/9,p.216-218; 1/10,p.242-243; 1/11,p.262; 1/11,p.268; 1/11,p.270; 1/12,p.281; 1/12,p.291; 2/1,p.13-15; 2/2,p.28; 2/2,p.33-34; 2/3,p.38; 2/3,p.41 (photo); 2/3,p.43; 2/3,p.47; 2/3,p.49; 2/3,p.51; 2/3,p.58; 2/4,p.75; 2/5,p.10; 2/6,p.14
Brown, Marion Wilcox    1/3,p.4
Brown, Mary    1/6,p.142
Brown, Priscilla    1/6,p.150; 1/9,p.216; 1/10,p.243; 1/11,p.268
Brown, Raymond    1/4,p.98; 2/1,p.15
Brown, Ruby    2/6,p.13
Brown, Sarah Abby    1/2,p.9
Brown, T. D.    1/5,p.114
Brown, T. D. Mrs.    1/11,p.263
Brown, Thaddeus    1/2,p.9
Brown, Theodore (Owl’s Head)    1/1,p.21-22; 1/1,p.24; 1/4,p.91; 1/9,p.202; 1/10,p.246; 1/11,p.263; 1/11,p.270; 1/12,p.274; 1/12,p.276; 1/12,p.293; 2/1,p.6; 2/2,p.33; 2/3,p.43; 2/3,p.49; 2/3,p.52; 2/3,p.58; 2/3,p.56; 2/5,p.4; 2/5,p.10; 2/6,p.7; 2/6,p.10; 2/6,p.14
Brown, Theodore D.    1/6,p.137; 2/5,p.6
Brown, Theodore Dennis    1/2,p.9-10; 1/3,p.11
Brown, Theodore Mrs.    1/4,p.82
Browne, C. Louis    1/2,p.8
Browne, George A.    1/2,p.8
Browne, Gertrude Bell    1/2,p.15
Browne, Hannah    1/2,p.8
Browne, Hazard C.    1/2,p.8
Browne, Henry H.    1/2,p.8
Browne, Jacqueline    1/6,p.149-150
Browne, James    1/2,p.8
Browne, Laura    1/2,p.8
Browne, Otis B.    1/2,p.8
Browne, Walter    1/6,p.149
Browne, Winfield Scott    1/2,p.8
Brunelli, S.    1/6,p.152
Burnett, Charles Mrs.    1/12,p.275
Burrell, Percy Jewett    1/12,p.291
Burton, G. G.    2/5,p.11
Buskard, Alice Gertrude    2/5,p.7
Butler, Edward J.    1/11,p.269
Byres, Douglas S. Dr.    2/5,p.3
Bywaters, Ella Eaton    1/5,p.108

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