Drawn by Eva L. Butler

On December 9, 1965, a nonprofit corporation was formed with the expressed purpose of preserving the extensive historical collection of Mrs. Eva Lutz Butler, a teacher, local historian and practicing anthropologist. The collection includes manuscripts, out of print books, vintage photographs, Indian artifacts, genealogical material and notebooks relating to the Southeastern New England Indian and Colonial period

The Indian & Colonial Research Center is located in the historic 1856 Mystic Bank on Route 27 in Old Mystic, Connecticut.  Many original architectural features remain including the barred windows, reinforced vault, and the massive iron-faced entrance doors and is the perfect place to safeguard these treasured and valuable materials  Take a tour of The I C R C


The Indian & Colonial Research Center has been designated a Registered State of Connecticut Genealogical and Research Center. All materials are accessible to students, academic groups and education entities

There is a minimum research fee of $6 for the first 15 minutes – then progressing to $20 per hour for non-members or $15 for active members.   Photocopies are $1 per page

The  I C R C  is also a local historical society, museum, reference library and gallery

 Gifts from the Butler family honor their father

On August 12, 2014, Jackie Butler Bieber, Sewall Butler Jr. and David Butler presented I C R C  with a plaque, a portrait, a notebook about Sewall and a $1000 check in memory of their father Sewall Tolbert Butler who passed away earlier this year. Sewall, the son of  I C R C ‘s founder Eva Butler, was a native of Mystic, a graduate of Fitch High School, and a World War II veteran. He was a lifetime member of I C R C and was named honorary director in 2001

56fd8ce2-87c6-4338-a667-cd0f754e951a                   From left to right:  David Butler,  Kinberly Hatcher-White,  Allen Polhemus,

                        Robert Mohr,  Joan Cohn,  Jackie Butler Bieber, and Sewall Butler, Jr.

The third-generation Butlers reminisced about the many visits they and their father paid to Grandmother, Eva, and how they would attend harvest festivals, dances, and participate in archeological digs. Sewall, Jr., recalled, ” It was a fun time. It was a big part of our life being here from childhood all the way until we went to college “

From left to right:  Erwin ‘Red’ Bieber,  Joan Cohn,  and Jackie Butler Bieber

The  I C R C  is very grateful to the Butler family for their generosity and for sharing special memories of their dad and grandmother