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Eva Lutz Butler wrote Two Little Navahos Dip Their Sheep in 1937, and Jane Bateman provided the beautiful illustrations. The next three books were written in the 1920’s and Eva’s sister Catherine Lutz did the illustrations. When the Frogs Begin to Peep, Around the Pond, and Along Shore are very informative books with information on frogs, toads and tadpoles, and on making maple syrup, starfish, sand dollars, horseshoe crabs, jingle shells, sea horses, jellyfish, birds and other curious creatures. These wonderful books are appropriate for elementary school students. These delightful books could be read to younger children. All four books are now available as a collection at the special price of $5.00

The Civil War Letters of Private William C. Fellows 26th Regiment Connecticut Volunteers, Company K. Letters written from the battlefields of the Civil War to his mother and sister.

” When I enlisted I expected to have to fight and when ever I am called upon to go into the field of battle I shall go and do my duty and if it is my lot to fall I shall fall if it is not I shall return to my home in Conn…”
William C. Fellows

These letters are a testimony to a small town boy’s courage and cannot help but resonate with military families of today. It is hoped that through this effort we will honor William and his devoted family.