Narragansett Dawn Index S

Narragansett Dawn- An index of names that appear in this tribal publication from the mid 1930s. Edited by Princess Red Wing, Narragansett Dawn includes historical as well as day-to-day information about members of the Narragansett tribe. Names are listed alphabetically. Different spellings of names, the use of initials, and the use of native names should be taken into consideration when searching the index.  Names may appear in the index because the individual was an author of a report. Since Princess Red Wing was the editor, articles written by her are not indexed.

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Sachem Rainbow (Ernest E. Onsley)    2/5,p.3
Sakaweston    1/7,p.156
Sammie George (Samuel G. Mingo)    1/9,p.222
Samoset    1/9,p.219
Sampson, Julia    1/1,p.22
Sanborn, Mrs.    2/2,p.31
Sandford, David    1/5,p.129
Sank-Squaw Snow-Bird of the Alonquins    2/3,p.43
Santourie, Raymond    1/6,p.141
Sapir, Edward    1/7,p.173
Sassacus    1/2,p.13; 1/7,p.162
Sassolomet    1/7,p.156
Saunders, Vera G. S.    1/1,p.5
Saunders, Winthrop H. Mrs.    1/2,p.21; 1/5,p.125; 1/7,p.170; 1/10,p.244; 1/12,p.274
Sawonokarqutt    2/6,p.10
Sawyer, Ada    1/7,p.171
Sawyer, Elmer    1/7,p.172
Schultz, Loretta    1/9,p.217
Schultz, Robert    1/5,p.128
Scott, Lowleta Webster    1/3,p.4
Scott, Vernon    1/1,p.22
Secuter, Davit   1/3,p.23
Seesusk, Simon    1/10,p.226
Segar, Francis B.    1/10,p.236
Sekator, Aaron    1/12,p.290
Sekator, Anna    1/6,p.153
Sekator, Annie E.    1/2,p.10
Sekator, Daniel    1/4,p.81
Sekator, Johanna Congdon    1/2,p.9-10
Sekator, John    1/12,p.290
Sekator, John    1/1,p.8; 1/12,p.290
Sekator, Mervin    1/10,p.243
Sekator, Sarah E.    1/2,p.9
Sekator, William R.    1/2,p.9-10
Sekatur, Aaron    1/1,p.9
Semple, J.    1/6,p.152
Sequasson    1/7,p.162
Sequoyah    1/10,p.246
Seymour, Percie    1/9,p.217
Seymour, Perseus (Princess Wood Dove)    1/3,p.20-21; 1/3,p.24; 1/5,p.127; 1/5,p.129; 1/6,p.141-2; 1/6,p.150; 1/7,p.161; 1/11,p.257; 1/11,p.269; 1/12,p.281; 2/3,p.43; 2/3,p.50; 2/6,p.14
Sherman, A.    1/6,p.152
Sherman, Daniel    1/10,p.236
Shippee, Mary E.    1/7,p.170
Silva, William F.    1/12,p.292
Simmons, Edith    1/7,p.173
Simmons, O. L.    1/5,p.128
Simms, Francis Mrs.    1/5,p.129
Simms, Norma    1/6,p.149
Simonds, Larry    1/11,p.268
Simons, Abraham    1/9,p.208; 1/10,p.226
Simons, Daniel    1/9,p.208-209; 1/12,p.278
Simons, Emanuel    1/9,p.208; 1/10,p.226
Simons, Herman Sr.    1/4,p.82
Simons, James    1/1,p.8; 1/6,p.151; 1/9,p.208; 1/9,p.212; 1/10,p.226; 1/12,p.278; 1/12,p.289
Simons, Jane    1/5,p.114
Simons, John    1/12,p.289
Simons, Lizzie    1/6,p.142
Simons, Louis    1/6,p.142
Simons, Mary    2/6,p.10
Simons, O. L. Mrs.    1/7,p.164
Simons, Sarah    1/9,p.208
Simons, Simeon    1/5,p.109-111; 1/10,p.226; 1/10,p.245; 1/12,p.278
Sims, Norma    1/5,p.127
Sine, Gerhart Jacob (He-Na-Ga)    2/3,p.60
Sinkonis, J.    1/6,p.152
Sitting Bull    2/4,p.70
Sitting Bull (Sioux)    1/3, p.21; 2/6,p.8
Skeesuck, John    1/10,p.226
Skicowaras    1/7,p.156
Slade, Abby M. B.    1/7,p.170
Slaughter, Harold Edward    1/3,p.8
Slaughter, Harold Edward Jr.    1/3,p.8; 1/3,p.15
Smalley, Edith    1/12,p.292-293
Smith, Clarence    1/11,p.268
Smith, H.    1/6,p.152
Smith, Marie    1/2,p.8
Smith, Richard    1/3,p.11
Snyder, C. Paul Dr.    2/5,p.9
Solamon, Townsend Mrs.    1/5,p.129
Soloveitzik, Abe    2/2,p.31; 2/3,p.58
Spalding, George Col.    1/12,p.292
Speck, Frank G.    1/7,p.173; 2/3,p.54
Spence, David R.    2/6,p.14
Spotted Tail    2/4,p.71
Sqaw    2/3,p.47
Squanto    1/9,p.219
Squaw Betty    1/9,p.204
Stafford, Rogers T. Mrs.    1/10,p.245
Standing Elk (Harry Peckham)    1/1,p.22: 1/1,p.31-32; 1/3,p.5; 1/3,p.15; 1/4,p.82; 1/4,p.90-1; 1/5,p.124; 1/6,p.142; 1/6,p.150; 1/11,p.270; 2/3,p.48; 2/6,p.13
Stands On a Cloud (Menomonee)    2/3,p.60
Stanton, Charlie    2/3,p.48
Stanton, Courtland    1/5,p.129; 2/3,p.52
Stanton, Daisy    2/3,p.48
Stanton, Horatio    2/3,p.52
Stanton, Horation (Chief Clear Water)    1/1,p.29-30 ; 1/4,p.91; 1/12,p.274; 2/1,p.13; 2/2,p.22; 2/2,p.30; 2/2,p.33; 2/3,p.58
Stanton, Horation Seymour    1/5,p.129
Stanton, Jeremiah    1/9,p.217
Stanton, Jerry    2/5,p.4; 2/6,p.11
Stanton, Joe    1/1,p.30
Stanton, Joseph    1/6,p.153; 1/7,p.158; 1/12,p.288; 2/5,p.5
Stanton, Joseph Sr.    1/6,p.153
Stanton, Juanita    1/9,p.217
Stanton, Kate    1/4,p.81
Stanton, Moses    1/1,p.8; 1/12,p.290
Stanton, Noyes    1/9,p.212
Stanton, Patience    1/5,p.114; 1/6,p.153
Stanton, Seymour    2/2,p.33; 2/3,p.49
Staples, William P.    1/10,p.236
Stearns, Wallace    1/7,p.170
Stedman, William    1/10,p.236
Steele, Doris    1/3,p.7; 1/4,p.91; 1/5,p.128; 2/3,p.38; 2/3,p.49
Steele, Minnie    1/4,p.81; 1/5,p.128; 1/7,p.170; 1/10,p.242
Steele, Mr.    2/2,p.33
Steele, Mrs.    2/2,p.33
Steere, Jonathan M.    1/1,p.5; 1/4,p.90
Steward, Harvey H.    1/10,p.243
Stewart, Mrs.    1/5,p.129
Stockett, James M.    1/3,p.7; 2/3,p.38; 2/3,p.45
Stockett, James M. Jr.    1/3,p.24
Stockett, James Matamora Jr.    1/7,p.172; 1/7,p.174
Stone, Eric P. Dr.    1/3,p.19
Strong Horse    2/5,p.4
Stubbs, Mrs.    2/1,p.16
Sullivan, Mortimer A.    1/1,p.24
Sullivan, Sarah Cisco    1/4,p.80
Sutler, Martin    1/6,p.152
Szymanski, John    2/6,p.12

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