Ledyard Native American Deaths

Deaths of Natives from History of the Town of Ledyard Connecticut (Avery) and State Overseers Records. Request information on primary surnames of interest by contacting the ICRC by email or telephone.



Hannah Scadaub, age 22 (from gravestone)


May, child of Joshua George


Revolutionary Soldiers who died this year:

Daniel Charles

Jacob Cocheats

Isaac Comwas

Solomon Spiat

Zachery Meason

Thomas Cocheats

Charles Charley

Jacob George

Thomas Segon


May- Betsey Charles

October- child of Joshua George

Nov.- Thomas Cocheats


Jan.- Mary Zachery

Feb.- Senshemon

Mar.- Peter Cocheats

Daniel Cocheats

Apr.- Esther Cocheats

Child of Moses Senshemon

Sept.- Tamer

Dec.- Aaron Senshemon

Amy Cocog

Silas Pomeat


Mar.- child of Temperance Crank

Apr.- Moses Chunks

July- David Senshemon

Aug.- Abigail Senshemon

Simeon Charles

Sept.- Peg Chunks

Oct.- Elizabeth Daniels

1778 In the Army

John Tobey

Janer Charles


Moses George

Joshua George

J. Comway


Jan.- John Mason

May- Daniel Charles

Dec.- child of Colhorin Charles


July- son of Joshua Charles


Jan.- Ephraim Meson, drowned

Apr.- Temperance Charles

Nov.- child of Jeffery


Feb.- Robert Meson

Oct.- John Oakes


Apr.- John Cooper

July- Peter Senshemon


Apr.- Mercy Meson

—– Chunks

July- Elizabeth Wampey


July- child of — Mergan

Nov.- child of Joseph Sunshemon

Dec.- Anna Robins


Mar.- child of Amy Charles

May- Grace Adams


May- child of Jonas Senshemon

July- child of Job Tinker

Aug.- Job Tinker’s wife

Nov.- ——– Senshemon

Anna Adams

Peter Chunch


Jan.- Hannah Charles, age 60

Feb.- ——- Tucker

Apr.- Elizabeth Barney

—– Jeffry

Aug.- Widow Meson

Sept.- Aaron Senshemon


Jan.- George Toby

May- John Toby

Nov.- child of Hannah Wampey


Feb.- Anna Dick

Mar.- Tamer Meson

June- child of Senshemon

Sept.- Aaron Senshemon, son of Moses, age 1

Dec.- Abigail Wailey

Jacob Charles

Elizabeth ——-


Feb.- Mary Lewis

Hannah Cooper

Mar.- child of Josiah Squib

child of Anny Wampey

child of Moses Senshemon

Apr.- Daniel Cocheats

July- Olive Charles

Anna Enos

Oct.- John Charles


May- Dolly ——-

Aug.- Timothy Brosset


Oct.- Benjamin Charles

Dec.- Esther Cocheats


Jan.- Mary ——, age 42


Mar.- Jacob George

Apr.- Sarah Charles

Aug.- Peggy



Oct.- Hannah Bampin


Aug.- Anna Wampin


Aug.- Susannah Reed (from Rhode Island)

1822 (from overseers record)

Lucy Ashbow for funeral

Lydia Hendricks coffin

1824 (from overseers record)

May- coffin for sarah Mesen

Coffin fo Hannah George

1825 (from overseers record)

Coffin for Ben. George’s boy

1826 (from overseers record)

William George’s coffin

Apr. 14- digging grave for Joshua George

1831 (Eva Butler records)

Sept. 6- Ann Wampy, age 71.

1832 (from overseers record)

Oct. 10- grave clothes for Isaac Fagins

1833 (from overseers record)

Sept. 1- coffin for Margaret Gray’s child

Feb. 5- Ruth Pomham, “Old Ruth”, died age 100.(Eva Butler records)

1836 (from overseers record)

Feb. 18- digging grave for Anna Wampe

Grave for mary Ann Deshon’s child

1853-1854 (from overseers record)

Betsey Squib coffin and burial $10.50

James Squib coffin and burial $10.00

1859 (from overseers record)

Edwin Dick, coffin. To Stonington for corpse $2.50

Sept. 23- to bury E. Deshin

Sept. 28- N. Fagins, coffin and burial clothes

1862 (from overseers record)

Aug. 4- coffin for Peter George

1864 (from overseers record)

May 23- Esther Lawrence. Coffin and shroud & carrying child to grave.

1873 (from overseers record)

July- Thankful Charles died

1874 (from overseers record)

Feb. 28- to bury Caroline Wheeler

1875 (from overseers record)

Nov. 10- coffin for Peter’s child

Aug.- Jane Potter

1879 (Ledyard vital records)

Sept. 26- Amasa Lawrence, age 76

1895 (from Eva Butler records)

Nov. 11- Austin George

1897 (from Eva Butler records)

Mitchell Meech Newell, age 40

1898 (from Eva Butler records)

Oct. 1- Cyrus George, age 45

1913 (from Eva Butler records)

Aug. 25- Lyman Lawrence, age 78